For the Economist’s first foray into the field of learning, they tapped Walrus to help them develop an identity and positioning for the school. We followed this up with a launch campaign (print and digital) to drive enrollment. This clean, simple logo ties strongly to the Economist brand, yet is distinct. The ads, headline driven, also pull from the Economist’s history of classic advertising, but abandon the classic Economist red background for black while speaking directly to potential students in the language of global markets.


The Economist hired us to overhaul their RFP response program in order to see if we couldn’t do a better job of engaging media planners (the people who decide what magazines show up on a media plan.) The result was a series of custom books that helped bring the Economist readership to life in a highly visual way. We created easily customizeable templates for four of their biggest categories: automotive, tech, travel and finance, and relied on images rather than words to better carry the story for their attention starved media planning audience. Each book began with the phrase, “Imagine you are an Economist subscriber.”