Shift Your Shopping helps both local businesses and charities by allowing customers to donate a percentage of their purchase to the charity of their choice. Kevin Bacon wants to help – so he’s willing to do a personalized commercial for anyone who decides to participate via this handy (walrus made) commercial generator. Take a look.

Yacht title


NOT ONLY do we make our clients rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams, we also help them handle the trappings of their newfound wealth. Naming a yacht and learning how to laugh once you’re aboard it has never been easier. Yes, we help our clients with pretty much everything.

A highlight from the Emergen-C Facebook page.

Pret Teas final


Be sure to check out Pret’s new line of teas this summer. They’re delicious AND designed by us!




These custom enclosures  were created for the U.S. launch of Bruichladdich and the Botanist Gin. They’ll be traveling the country to whisky festivals and private events where participants can step inside and become fully immersed in the history and topography of Islay Scotland, home of the Bruichladdich distillery, and a place that is inextricably linked to the spirits themselves.





2013 marked the third year we’ve been building engagement and a fanbase for Emergen-C on Facebook. We crossed the million fan milestone this year which is a far cry from the 500 that we started out with. This video is a summation of the things we did to keep those million fans entertained all year.




Maloney & Porcelli’s weekend wine dinner has been a huge hit forever. When they expanded the deal to every night of the week, they asked us to help announce it in a way that’s appropriate to the occasion: boisterously. This series of phone kiosks was placed throughout midtown where Maloney’s clientele were sure to come across them.


If ever there was a good day to launch new products, it’s the First of April.

It seems like every agency has their own products these days. Well, lookout world because Walrus’ first foray into product-making is going to turn the fitness community upside down! Abdominals, meet geology! is an organization that helps connect charities with local shops and Kevin Bacon (master of all things connected) is a big fan. They brought us in to help figure out the best way to use Kevin Bacon to spread the word about shopping local over the holidays. To sweeten the deal even further, we also created a set of downloadable Kevin Bacon gift tags.

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