Our new CW-X campaign was shot Museum of Natural History style, in full dioramas. Look for them in a RunnersWorld near you!




Mark “break record for number of times the word ‘boobs’ appears in an ad” off the bucket list.

With CW-X Stabilyx tights with reflector strips, you can run in the dead of night and still be seen. BUT, as this latest rich media banner clearly illustrates, you may not want to know what else is out there in the dark with you. See for yourself.



If you’re really into running it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself in a situation where you need to run at a time when the sun is non-compliant. For those people, the introduction of 360 degrees of reflective strips to CW-X Stabilyx tights is news worthy of a print ad.


The new CW-X VersatX Bra knows that breasts need to be supported individually, not just battened down like cargo.

CW-X’s new Ventilator shorts, a solution to a problem that’s widely known, but rarely mentioned: the curse of the wispy running short. See how long you can last before clicking: http://walrusnyc.com/test/cwx/shorts_makeitstop/ and here: www.cw-x.com




Another year, another set of cool new CW-X products. These print executions will be complimented with digital (of course), and continue on our latest product-centric theme, which has been really well received. Turns out, runners get pretty excited by call-outs.



CW-X’s patented Stabilyx tights don’t just lend extra support to the knees, calves and thighs, they also provide targeted support to the body’s core (the abs and lower back). In fact they’re so supportive that they can EVEN give phenomenal support to the least supported creatures on earth – jellyfish. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself with the CW-X Invertebrate Slingshot here.



To highlight the amazing supportive powers of CW-X’s Stabilyx tights, we compared them to something that has pretty much no supportive powers.


CW-X Ventilator tights have mesh venting panels so you can wear them in hot weather. The idea of wearing tights in the heat is hard to get your head around, so we chose the most extreme situation imaginable to demonstrate how efficient these tights are at keeping you cool. We blew a lot of things up making this banner – something we all found quite enjoyable. Easter eggs are sprinkled throughout to reward further exploration (try clicking more than once on any of the callouts).  See it here.

Fireball banner screengrabs

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