Power to the Passenger

The Uber of private jets takes off.

The on-demand private aviation service that XOJET provides its customers is unlike anything else on the market. But if they were going to steal loyalists from NetJets, which held a 72% share of the market, they would need an entirely new approach.

So we used data crunching, programmatic retargeting, and a digital focus unheard of in the category to reach our target like never before.


Strategy • Media Strategy • Design • Creative

We started by producing a library of custom images that would give a consistent look and feel to all of XOJET's communications.

Planes were always depicted with the door open, welcoming. People were always in profile or from behind. We wanted anyone to easily be able to imagine themselves getting on a private plane.

Most luxury advertisers are under the false assumption that their audience cannot be reached online. Our plan relied primarily on digital channels. Digital video, display and geo-targeted mobile worked in tandem to efficiently surround our audience with messaging.

Display was placed contextually and programmatically with multiple variations, so the right ad was shown to the right type of traveler.

Outdoor was employed in key markets to build reach and credibility for the brand. We determined the apartment buildings with the most high-net-worth residents and bought ads in the elevators and on newsstands across the street.

Billboards were placed along routes to the suburbs and private airstrips outside Manhattan and Los Angeles.

High-end print rounded out the plan.

XOJET's sponsorship of the Golden State Warriors includes a wall-scape in the tunnel to the arena. Kobe Bryant posted this image to his Instagram when the Lakers visited Oakland.

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At the end of year one: