PayPal - Ubiquity

PayPal - Ubiquity


There are more merchants that accept PayPal than there are pigeons in New York City.

Research showed that the #1 reason more people don't use PayPal is that they don't believe that it's widely accepted. In fact, PayPal is accepted on over 75% of all shopping sites. Our goal with this campaign was a simple one: let people know just how ubiquitous PayPal actually is.


Research • Strategy • Creative

Over 19 million sites accept PayPal - that's a hard number to grasp, but it's a little easier when you compare it to things that everyone knows there are a lot of, like people named Bob or pigeons in NYC.

We also wanted to let people know that among the 19 million PayPal merchants were many that would be relevant to them.

We used message sequencing and programmatic targeting to hit people with secondary messages that highlighted categories they had shown an interest in like fashion, gaming, home goods, and travel.