Product Launches

Ushering three new ice creams into the world.

Wells was introducing not one but three new frozen treats for the Summer, and we were tasked with generating buzz and excitement around the launches. Our goal was to generate a spike in sales in advertised markets in order to pave a path for greater spending going forward. We decided on a mix of out-of-home (carefully targeted around key retailers) and geo-targeted social in order to raise awareness and drive people to the ice cream aisle.


Strategy • Media Planning • Media Buying • Creative

Cold Crush is ultra premium ice cream with all the butterfat you could possibly want. It's rich and decadent - so much so that you can do away with toppings in any way you see fit.

The idea for these Kingston billboards came right off the package: half the sugar, all the flavor. We took this fact literally in outdoor and social media where we were also able to get a little clever with the post copy.

Farm to Spoon features cauliflower and sweet potatoes instead of dairy - and the crazy thing is, you can't tell! The advertising focused on how odd it is that you could be eating vegetables and ice cream at the same time.